What is an outdoor room?

An outdoor room can include anything from a screened porch to a gazebo and a garden area with a bench. If it is an independent area, such as a gazebo, create a passageway with foliage or a hard landscape to visually connect it with the house. Patio comes from the Spanish word patio, which means backyard or backyard. Traditionally, it is the open interior patio of a Spanish or Spanish style house.

In common usage, it is used to describe any outdoor living space often adjoining a residence, which is used for dining, entertaining or relaxing. Patios may or may not have decks or roofs and are usually paved areas between the house and garden. They can be made of concrete, brick, stone, slab, gravel and pavers. Outdoor rooms are the most rejuvenating spaces in a home, especially those that are well-designed.

The possibility of drinking coffee in the morning while breathing in fresh and fresh air, as well as mixing cocktails in the evening in a backyard when the sun goes down, makes moments of rest even more restorative. And while it's impossible to compete with the magic and beauty that Mother Nature gives to our beautiful gardens, outdoor living designs have taken great strides in recent years to catch up with their wonder. In short, you should think of it as another room in your home, an outdoor room and furnish it accordingly. When you are trying to decide on the style of an outdoor room, look at the interior design scheme of your home.

A prefabricated greenhouse and garden shed, used for outdoor sleeping and a party pavilion, is located on a remote private island in Finland owned by the family of product designer Linda Bergroth. For example, he said, “If the house has soft and pale colors, we will tend to pick it up in landscaping through the choice of fabrics and flowers for outdoors. If you are designing a larger outdoor space (as shown above), dig grass or brush, tamp the soil with a roller and check the elevation to make sure it is level. Potted plants, a two-seater sofa from a flea market and custom burlap sofas bring a dose of charm to the outdoor space.

The materials used to create outdoor furniture have evolved dramatically in recent years, allowing you to get relaxing options that can still withstand the elements. In addition, you can also combine a retractable awning with a high-quality pergola to give structure to your outdoor space and create a real “room” feeling. Given the scale of an outdoor room, take it as an opportunity to make bold style statements with your decorative accessories. Its interior design scheme can also inform material and color choices for outdoor furniture, fixtures and even plantations, said Keith Williams, a partner at Palm Beach-based landscape architecture firm Nievera Williams and author of “The Graphic Garden.”.

If there is no ceiling or overhang over your outdoor space, you can at least create the impression of a ceiling, sir. Integrating a dining table and benches or chairs into your outdoor area can make a space a real place for entertainment and accommodation, making it a place to meet, socialize with friends, or simply enjoy a quality family time at the end of the day. Other lots may require more than one multi-level patio or decking, which can make slopes more accessible and gain outdoor space that would otherwise be unusable. It doesn't matter if your outdoor space is as cramped as an apartment balcony or as big as a sprawling backyard.

A house in Sonoma County, California, uses a shaded terrace as an outdoor room filled with chaise longues, benches and chairs by Michael Taylor Designs. .