Best outdoor living areas?

The Outdoor Living season is coming and it's time to start thinking about your outdoor spaces and preparing them for this wonderful season. We've put together a collection of inspiring porches, decks, and patios that are surrounded by beautiful landscapes to help you get started. If you are just looking for new ideas, adding them to your outdoor spaces or need a major overhaul, we have some fantastic ideas for you. Garden and cougar designer Charlie Marder let the centuries-old architecture of this New York property from the 1840s guide them to design the pool house and garden.

The forest green paint (Fine Paints of Europe) on the walls and fences of boards and slats allows the building to play with hedges and fescue. The Kota Stone pool deck helps integrate the square pool and spa into the landscape. It links living rooms and kitchens to balconies and patios with plants that look and feel as good outdoors as they do indoors. Place large leafy houseplants next to French doors or windows overlooking the gardens and place garden plants in complementary pots just outside to create a perfect connection between indoors and outdoors.

Doors, curtains and plants can be used to give the illusion of an outdoor living room with walls. Making the most of indoor-outdoor living, designer duo Brooke and Steve Giannetti designed the family room of this Los Angeles villa to open onto an adjacent outdoor terrace. If you're short on space, you can build a vertical wall garden to add color and texture to your outdoor living room. If your outdoor living space is covered, including seats, you'll want to soften it with cushioned seats and some scattered cushions, which are the perfect opportunity to overlap in color.

This was achieved with an open floor plan that extends to outdoor rooms, clear stucco walls, geometric shapes, and modern details such as frameless glass and linear railings. Amenities of this fabulous outdoor space include a full outdoor kitchen, an outdoor dining set, a masonry wood burning fireplace, and a porch swing. Josie Fratantoni from Fratantoni Interior Designers continued the Tuscan theme with wooden and iron outdoor furniture, a painting on the outdoor fireplace and symmetrical potted plants that resemble the Italian cypress. So if you're ready to update your outdoor living space in a big way, check out the inspiring photos below.

Outdoor rooms are smaller, more casual versions of what happens indoors, which may explain why many of us are drawn to that more relaxing and uncluttered outdoor space. Artificial grass is another solution for indoor and outdoor floors: forget about mowing and mowing, while enjoying the outdoor environment of vegetation underfoot. A lakeside home in Boston features a shaded outdoor dining area under a classic white wooden pergola. Designed by Lexi Powell of Alexandra Lauren Interiors, this Moroccan-style rooftop garden in Hong Kong (Pok Fo Lam) provides additional living space for a small apartment, along with superior protection and outdoor privacy.

A long terrace joins several outdoor rooms in this mid-century modern house designed by Anna Carin Design in Sydney, Australia. For this classic modern home in Sydney, Australia, designer Marylou Sobel expanded the luxuriously furnished outdoor interior with a living space that uses fine materials in jewel tones with cream. Having a fire function is a popular idea in the outdoor living area because it's the perfect way to center your backyard living space around the junction. .