How to create outdoor living space?

Use the space on the terrace Hang the plants and set up a patio table or outdoor furniture set to give you and your guests some privacy and space to eat. Make your terrace the best space for relaxation by adding cozy blankets and pillows on chairs or benches. The sumptuous Chevron 2 Seater Double Garden Sofa (opens in a new tab) is by John Lewis. Comes with comfortable padded seats and is weather resistant.

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The Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 Indoor Grill is a multifunctional indoor grill that is also an excellent air fryer, but is expensive and bulky. Our outdoor spaces have become even more valuable to us in recent years and, with the sun finally here, we look for outdoor living room ideas to make sure we get the most out of them. While an umbrella is ideal for blocking direct sunlight during the day, it will also help to keep things cozy and intimate at nightfall. It acts as a small “roof” for your outdoor living space, keeping the heat from candles or patio heaters and will also act as protection in case a shower arrives at night.

It is one of the simplest but effective ideas for outdoor living rooms. Starting from scratch or improving an outdoor space? See here tips on plants and garden materials. We have 200 guides on everything from fences to foxgloves. Get started with our Hardscape 101 guides Explore our collection of over 2000 plants and seeds, which can be ordered directly from our favorite stores and growers.

To foster a welcoming atmosphere, combine outdoor furniture, decoration, landscaping and other elements that fit your style and needs. Interior rooms have walls and in an outdoor space, you can create a similar enclosure feeling if you define the perimeter with vertical elements. Amenities of this fabulous outdoor space include a full outdoor kitchen, an outdoor dining set, a masonry wood burning fireplace, and a porch swing. Demarcate the area of the exterior room and make it feel like a destination that differs from the rest of the terrace or patio by changing the material of the floor where the furniture will be placed.

If your outdoor space is larger, you can plan a designated seating area with a matching set of chairs, table, sofa, loungers and swings. Group them around an outdoor rug, add a side table, and you'll have the perfect, sociable living room right outside. If you want to create a chill out area where you are protected from the sun's rays or occasional drizzle, designing an indoor or outdoor living room is the best option. Wrought iron and cast iron, wrought or cast aluminum and traditional wood are classic options for outdoor furniture.

A natural palette of neutral and terracotta tones will work in almost any outdoor space and will have a soothing and soothing effect. Still, a countertop for preparing food and amenities such as closed storage and a separate side burner will greatly enhance your outdoor cooking experience. If you like interior trends or follow a certain style, this should definitely lead to your garden, so that outdoor space is a real extension of the interior. If your outdoor living space is covered, including seats, you'll want to soften it with cushioned seats and some scattered cushions, which are the perfect opportunity to overlap in color.

In Sydney, Australia, a beach-style house offers this stunning resort-like outdoor space surrounded by established gardens. It doesn't matter if your outdoor space is as cramped as an apartment balcony or as big as a sprawling backyard. .