Can garden furniture be left outside?

Plastic garden furniture does not rot, break or crack in damp and winter conditions, so in theory it's okay to leave it outside all year round. However, plastic garden furniture is usually very light. A strong gust of wind and it's unlikely to be in the same place where you left it. Usually, outdoor furniture that you can leave outside is furniture that can withstand the elements of the weather.

The ability of outdoor furniture to withstand the weather depends on its construction material and maintenance diligence. Materials such as aluminum can withstand harsh weather conditions, while others, such as iron, cannot. yes, you can leave patio furniture outside in winter. It is vital to properly protect and seal patio furniture when left outdoors in the winter months.

However, if your location receives large loads of snow, it is strongly recommended to place patio furniture in the warehouse to avoid any damage. Usually, any wooden garden furniture can be left in the backyard for the winter if it is. Aluminum furniture is some of the most durable outdoor furniture that exists. It can be left outdoors in almost any weather, as humid and cold conditions do not affect it.

The only climatic condition that you should be careful of with aluminum furniture is when it is very windy. Because these pieces of furniture are lightweight, they are likely to blow away. However, its light weight also makes it easy to move indoors. Patio furniture sets are expensive and leaving one unprotected during a single snowstorm can cause irreversible damage.

Therefore, unless you use treated wicker furniture or made of synthetic material such as resin, it is better to save them. In addition to being extremely strong, you will also find that aluminum-based designs are particularly lightweight compared to other metals, meaning you can easily move them around the garden when you need it with very little effort. Whether you need to touch up your furniture or require extensive repairs, The Southern Company can do the job. If you are wondering what is the best oil for outdoor wood furniture, it is teak oil, due to its maximum penetration into the wood, it provides the best weather resistance.

But to be sure, you need to know the exact type of furniture you are working with, the material and the frame. Patio furniture made from this teak usually offers the greatest resistance to extreme weather conditions, but is usually more expensive than other grades. Wicker is a woven design and is not really a material, however, many of the furniture in this style are available cheaply and are not recommended for winter use. Natural rattan furniture is an organic material made from fast-growing tropical plants that are interwoven to form the distinctive “rattan” structure.

Snow can damage outdoor furniture in various ways, heavy weight can bend and break patio furniture easily. Furniture made from natural rattan is best kept indoors, as natural rattan requires a lot of maintenance. Wood has many natural weather-resistant qualities, as well as offering a wide range of benefits that can make it an excellent choice for patio furniture. Determining what material your patio furniture is made of is already an important step in protecting it from winter and preserving its excellent condition.

Just make sure your furniture is clean and dry before you put the cover on, says Megan Pierce-Dozier of Kingsley Bate. But you've already spent money on outdoor furniture and you want to continue enjoying it next season. .