What does indoor outdoor living mean?

Amid stay-at-home orders during the pandemic, indoor and outdoor spaces became the absolute pinnacle of residential luxury. Today, even though the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic are easing, homeowners' passion for outdoor entertainment areas Outdoor Living is expanding their lifestyle to their patio by bringing those elements of everyday life that can occur outdoors into their outdoor space. It means actively using your garden as a place to spend more time, where you and your family can cook, eat, read, chat, socialize and even work. For a modest cost, decorative options can successfully blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Outdoor living areas are a wonderful way to get everyone out of the house for some fresh air during the meeting. For outdoor warmth, consider adding heaters that hang from a patio deck or attach to outdoor baseboards. Pick up some patio furniture from Home Depot, add potted plants and a few strings of solar lights, and there you have it: a simple but attractive outdoor living or dining room. If you have a decent awning that prevents screen glare and a laptop with good battery life, you can easily work outdoors.

The bench seats could extend from the inside to the outside, for example, while the kitchen countertops could be placed on a track that extends directly from the inside of the extension to form an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor-made lounge seats will cope with garden life, and you can choose between a corner sofa that will divide the living room or create sociable groups with sofas and chairs facing or at a right angle. A floor that extends from the inside to the outside will attract attention to the outside thanks to the continuous finish. The best indoor and outdoor spaces feature an all-glass retractable wall that eliminates the barrier between the inside and outside.

Lighting from your outdoor space helps link it to the interior, allowing guests to blend in between zones as the sunset turns black. Warm, welcoming and abundant lighting also makes an outdoor space feel as connected as possible to the adjoining indoor space. But bridging indoor and outdoor spaces, even if it's just a small garden or terrace, can help make the interior look bigger. Narrow frame folding doors are a popular choice for creating a seamless interior and exterior link, with many styles, colors and sizes available.