How to build outdoor living space?

Ask your building inspector for the minimum slopes for your area when. If your backyard is smaller, there are solutions to make it look bigger. Dividing the space with levels such as a raised garden or raised pot, sunken patio or container garden creates depth in smaller outdoor spaces. Divide the area with small walls, artificial grass or terraces to better define your outdoor room.

Add a structure such as a trellis or pergola to direct traffic flow through your space while also establishing a focal point in your backyard. The sumptuous Chevron 2 Seater Double Garden Sofa (opens in a new tab) is by John Lewis. It comes with comfortable padded seats and is weather resistant. Anna is a content editor at Real Homes.

He moved to the world of interiors based on academic research in the field of English literature and photography. She is the author of London Writing of the 1930 and is passionate about contemporary home decor and gardening. At Real Homes, she covers a variety of topics, from practical advice to interior and garden design. The Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 Indoor Grill is a multifunctional indoor grill that is also an excellent air fryer, but is expensive and bulky.

Starting from scratch or improving an outdoor space? See here for tips on plants and garden materials. We have 200 guides on everything from fences to foxgloves. Get started with our Hardscape 101 guides Explore our collection of over 2000 plants and seeds, which can be ordered directly from our favorite stores and growers. If your outdoor area is uneven or on a slope, it is best to look for different ideas of terraces, as it will help to level out awkward falls and bumps.

Big or small, the most important design rule when creating an outdoor room is to pay attention to the scale of the available space. Create a gazebo with plants placed on the sides and overhanging eaves of a shed or outbuilding. For an outdoor room, natural materials such as gravel or stone pavers will easily blend in with the characteristics of the surrounding landscape. Dining under a trellis can be very romantic with the addition of outdoor string lights, these are Costco LEDs.

If you are designing a larger outdoor space (as shown above), dig grass or brush, tamp the soil with a roller and check the elevation to make sure it is level. The interior rooms have walls and in an outdoor space, you can create a similar enclosure feeling if you define the perimeter with vertical elements. Group them around an outdoor rug, add a side table, and you've got the perfect, sociable living room right outside. Or create your own curtain by finding the perfect material and canopy design for your outdoor living space.

In short, you should think of it as another room in your home, an outdoor room and furnish it accordingly. If the exterior room is next to an exterior wall, consider adding mirrors, sculpture pieces, or wall-mounted flower pots. A fire pit adds warmth in the evenings and creates a cosy outdoor living space to entertain family and friends.